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Antalya Tarım A.Ş has the big honur of being assist to the Turkish Agriculture Industry since 1981 as a bridge mission to the developing. Our company was established in 1981 to deal with the marketing of horticultural goods and products. From the beginning, Antalya Tarım was featured with a different way of operation in Turkish market with her wide distribution chain, which is strongly backed by the technical stuff and field work.

Today, Antalya Tarım is active in different aspects of horticulture and these acticivities are organised as seperate marketing and production companies. Marketing activities are hold by our companies and branch offices in different parts of Turkey, like Antalya, Bursa, Adana, İzmir, Fethiye, Ankara and Samsun, Erdemli, Amasya, Edirne, Çanakkale, İstanbul.


Agromar A.Ş
Agromar A.Ş is basically a seed production, processing and marketing company. The company is established in 1993 in Bursa-Karacabey as a daughter company of Antalya Tarım with over 20 years experience in this field.

Agromar activities are focused on three major field : Hybrid field seeds (mainly CORN and SUNFLOWER), Hybrid and O.P. vegetable seeds.


Seedling production
Dynamic but experienced team of AGROMAR is still looking to expand its activities in the above fields. We are already quite involved in production, processing, field trials, registration, packing, distribution, import and export with a strong organisation. The company owns a farm with warehouses, offices, processing equipment, besides trial and production fields.


Cut Flower Production & Export


Cut Flower Production Farm

Antalya Tarım had been invested in cut flower production for export, in 1988. The main production farm including all the facilities is located in Antalya. Antalya is in the south of Turkey, with the most favorable climate for flower production in winter time. The farm is 5 kms far from Antalya International Airport which is an advantage for prompt service to the customers. Together with new investments,now, our cold storage and precooling facilities have teached 2.400 m3 ; conditioning, lighting and fumigation rooms, packing and grading units consist of 3.000 m2 in two locations with computerised harvest and stock control. built a 9 ha. greenhouse in Isparta, at an altitude of 1200 mt. for summer production. This project allows us to provide year round service to our customers. Post harvest treatments, grading, cooling, fumigation and packing are made in our warehouses properly.Vaselife is checked regularly. All the are sold directly to the importers and the supermarket packers in different countries. We permanently supply to England, Germany, Holland, Russia, Ukraine,Norway, Sweden, Japan, France and United Arab Emirates from August till end of May.


Young Plant Production
To complete the needs of growers, Antalya Tarim built 3 nurseries in different regions and become the biggest young plant producer of Turkey,


Antalya Fide : Antalya Tarım established Antalya Fide A.Ş. in 1996 for young plant production and marketing. Antalya Fide is located in Antalya having 32.000 sqm greenhouse and modern facilities to grow all kind of vegetable and flower young plants including grafted plants.

Çukurova Fide : The company is established in Adanalıoğlu - Mersin, near Adana, to serve to the growers in the South and South - East. The company has modern facilities together with 26.600 sqm greenhouse

Agromar Fide : The nursery is established in 1998 as a division of Agromar mainly to serve to the paste and frozen food industry. The nursery is started with 14.000 sqm greenhouse area and expanded to 35.000 sqm in 2005.

Ege Fide : The company is established in Subaşı - Torbali, near İzmir, to serve the growers in the west to serve to vegetable growers and the paste and the frozen food industry. The nursery is started with 20.000 sqm greenhouse area in 2005.

Likya Fide : The nursery is established in Kumluca-Antalya(2007) as 18.000 m2



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